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Creative Practical Workshops Kit - Eggs Dyeing and Painting > 6 years

In this Egg Dyeing and Painting kit we propose painting and dyeing eggs, by simple but unusual processes, using natural materials and with a long tradition. You will be able to freely interpret these techniques, and explore them in order to color the eggs with vibrant colors, more or less abstract designs, overlapping textures, and thus transform the eggs into magical objects to celebrate nature! You have all the materials you need to try these techniques of drawing, painting and dyeing eggs, and discover new ways to celebrate Easter and nature.

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The Egg Dyeing and Painting Kit includes the following boxed materials:

1 Manual with instructions;

6 natural eggs filled with plaster;

3 powdered food colors;

6 wooden reeds;

1 pipette;

1 roll of paper glue;

1 white oil pastel;

6 paper cups;

1 scissors;

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